mandag 2. november 2009

Casio Kids på TEV #8

27. November får vi finfint besøk fra Bergen. Casiokids har vel ikke vært i Trondheim siden Pstereo 08' såvidt jeg vet så det var på tide.
Gutta har vært veldig aktive for tiden som dere kan se på lista under her :)

30.08.09 UK, Creamfields Festival
04.09.09 Norway, Bergen, USF Verftet
05.09.09 UK, JERSEY Live festival
06.09.09 UK, JERSEY Live festival
08.09.09 Norway, Stavanger, Madla Bydels hus*10 Year Anniversary Show!*
09.09.09 Norway, Stavanger, Sølvberget *KIDS SHOW*
10.09.09 Norway, Stavanger, Folken, Numusic Festival
11.09.09 Norway, Oslo, Blå, Diesel Party
12.09.09 UK, Isle of Wight, Bestival Festival
14.09.09 Norway, Bergen, Hulen
17.09.09 Switzerland, Basel, Uniosaal
18.09.09 Switzerland, Bern, Dampfzentraal
19.09.09 Switzerland, Schaffhausen, Tap Tab
20.09.09 Norway, Bergen, Baijazz, USF Verftet ***Show for kids***
01.10.09 UK, Bristol, Start The Bus
02.10.09 UK, Brighton, New Hero
03.10.09 UK, Canterbury, Farmhouse
05.10.09 UK, Coventry, Kasbah
06.10.09 UK, Edinburgh, Cabaret Voltaire
07.10.09 UK, Liverpool, Korova
08.10.09 UK, Reading, Oakford Social Club
09.10.09 UK, Aldershot, West End Centre
10.10.09 UK, London, Proud galleries
12.10.09 UK, Sheffield, Uni
13.10.09 UK, York, Fibbers
14.10.09 UK, Manchester, Deaf Institute
15 - 17.09.09 Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland Airwaves festival
05.11.09 Sweden, Gothenburg, Parken
06.11.09 Sweden, Stockholm, Club Popaganda
07.11.09 Sweden, Malmo, Babel
29.11.09 UK, Manchester, Warehouse Project

Så jeg garanterer at de leverer varene.

"(...)The band basically started a party on stage that emanated into the crowd like beams from the sun - warming all of us who presumably swam there. They swapped instruments, pogo jumped around stage and changed cow bell duties every few minutes. Pineapple shakers, multicolored drum sticks and grinning faces convinced the crowd as they played some absolutely brilliant pop songs."
BBC review of concert at Oxegen Ireland July 12 2009 (8/10)

"I always say, if you want some enormously danceable, minimalist Afro-funk and space-disco (with a donk on it), then you need to reach out to beardy Norwegians, for it is only they who are capable of making records as brilliantly lunatic as this. For a start, it's entirely instrumental; for another start, it is propelled along its golden path by the single greatest synth noise in the history of electricity and wires; and, for a third start, it's all over in less than three minutes. Everything lovable about popular music is here and it has a video to accompany it that is both mentally compelling and sort of hilarious. Casiokids: you rule in all sorts of wonderful new ways."
"Fot i hose", Single of the week in the Guardian, February 28, 2009

"A sublimely synthy debut from Scandinavia’s premier poptronica outfit…Casiokids are an absolute necessity (8/10)"
NME review of Grønt lys i alle ledd: November 1, 2008

"My other favourite Norwegian discovery, Casiokids (...) switch styles so much that it’s hard to really pin them down—variables include high, winsome vocals, rubbery 8-bit melodies, dancey backing tracks, slashy post-punk guitars, a multi-media stage show with various kinds of puppets and video projections, and just generally a sweet and crazy party vibe." review of Øya 2008

"The perfect hybrid of Duran Duran, Kings of Leon, Efterklang, Sigur Ros and 2unlimited (6/6)"
GAFFA (Denmark): by:Larm festival, Oslo 2008

"With their haywire melodies and an exuberant stage show featuring massive puppets, video, and shadow theater they combine electro-pop bliss and indie-kid abandon into one ragtag effusion. Junky analog synths bleat and whistle in a long overture; with the introduction of Windsor-knotted guitars, timbales, and Muppety harmonies, it starts resembling a DiskJokke/Vampire Weekend mash-up." review of Togens hule 2008

"Rock’n’roll circus? Nah - Casiokids know that electro-funk shadow theatre is really where it’s at."
BBC, Numusic Festival, Stavanger 2005